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Suspension Workshop

Welcome to The Suspension Workshop, Golden Bike Shop's state of the art mountain bike suspension service center. With years of experience performing the most in-depth and expert repair services, we have all the right parts, tools, and knowledge required to service and upgrade your suspension in a clean, sophisticated environment.


When does my suspension need service?

At The Suspension Workshop, we adhere to the manufacturer's recommended servicing intervals. Service intervals vary by manufacturer; however, most recommend a mid-season service around 50 hours of riding and a full service after 100-200 hours or yearly, whichever comes first.

What happens during a typical service at the Suspension Workshop?

Services at The Suspension Workshop include a thorough inspection and test of the fork or shock's condition. The customer’s pressure, compression and rebound settings are all recorded before work begins. All components are cleaned and air pressure is released. Next, we remove the lowers or the air can and perform tear-down. This requires removing all of the old seals and oil. After a thorough inspection and cleaning, the seals are replaced and the fork or shock is rebuilt with FOX or RockShox factory oil. The fork or shock is inflated to customer’s recommended pressure using nitrogen.

Do you provide a service warranty?

Yes, we provide a 90 day service warranty from date of service completion. This warranty is subject to our discretion and may not cover your recently serviced fork or shock if it is subject to wear or misuse.

Why is nitrogen used to charge my suspension?

We charge forks and shocks with nitrogen because it's an inert gas - this makes it a property-free, non-reactive substance. Oxygen and water contamination in air chambers can lead to corrosion and the failure of rubber and metal components. Nitrogen, when used in your suspension, will not lead to these forms of corrosion- using nitrogen will help extend the life of your suspension. Additionally, nitrogen has larger molecules than air, so it is less likely to permeate through seals.


Parts are additional unless listed in service

Shock Services

Basic Shock Service (50 Hours)$55
Full Shock Service (200 Hours)

Fork Services

Basic Fork Service (50 Hours)$100
Full Fork Service (200 Hours)

Dropper Post Services

Basic Dropper Service (50 Hours)$55
Full Dropper Service (200 Hours)

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