Reserve Wheels


Since 2014, engineers at Santa Cruz Bicycles have worked tirelessly to create their reputation for quality, craftsmanship and user-friendly, bomb-poof designs. These wheels have changed the game in a big way - Reserve wheels are not only the strongest wheels on the market, but they solve a host of problems that have plagued other carbon rim designs in the past. Add on the unbelievably affordable pricing and unprecedented Lifetime Warranty, and it's easy to see why there’s simply no competition.


  • Industry-leading No-Hassle Lifetime Warranty
  • 24-hour warranty replacement initiation
  • 27.5", 29”, and MX options
  • Designed around standard, exposed spoke nipples
  • 4mm offset Asymmetrical rim design
  • Reinforced Spoke nipple beds resist failure around spoke holes
  • Rim-only options available for custom wheel builds

Each set of reserve wheels include a whole sheet of colored decals in case red isn't your thing.
Matte finish UD Carbon will never go out of style.
The '30' refers to the internal rim width.
Reserve keeps it classy with just one little painted-on logo.
Reserve is the wheel of choice for Santa Cruz's Enduro World Series pro riders.

Custom Builds

GBS Has full capability to build wheels in-house! Give us a call and we’ll talk options.
  • Hand-built, trued, and tensioned right here in Golden Bike Shop
  • Alloy nipples available in a wide variety colors
  • Hubs available from DT Swiss in a variety of sizes and configurations
  • Hubs from Industry nine are available in a variety of anodized colors
  • Hubs from Onyx Racing Products available in a ton of anodized, and powder coat finishes.
  • One complimentary wheel true and tension after purchase
  • Labor to install wheels on your bike is included with purchase

Wheel Upgrade Special

Golden Bike shop is offering a limited time opportunity to upgrade any bike purchased to Reserve Wheels. Buy any in-stock bike and upgrade that bike to Reserve wheels at the time of purchase. We’ll keep the stock wheels and take care of the labor to swap tires, cassette, and rotors to make sure everything is dialed before the bike goes out the door. Boom - done.

This video of Santa Cruz rider Danny MacAskill went viral as he attempted to break a set of Reserve Wheels
Exposed spoke nipples means easy maintenance, and a chance to add some custom colors.
Spoke holes - a common point of failure on other wheels - are heavily and strategically reinforced.
The rims are designed with an asymmetrical structure.
Santa Cruz is second-to-none in carbon manufacturing. Even the inside of the rim is smooth and finished.
Sub-2000g for a 29" wheelset that is virtually indestructible? We'll take it.
Onyx hubs are a popular choice for custom applications.

Rider Feedback

Clay Donovan - GBS Inventory Wizard and Tallboy CC X01 Reserve Owner:

I’ve been riding a pair of 27mm wide 29 inch Reserves laced to DT 350 hubs on my Tallboy for the last 6 months or so. The Reserves have been stiff and reliable, even handling multiple hard rim impacts at irresponsibly low tire pressures. I know that if I’d hit those same rocks at the same speed with an alloy rim, they would have been toast. These are some of the toughest rim of ANY material available today. The performance gains over an alloy rim--or even a less robust carbon rim-- are noticeable, particularly in terms of stiffness. The Reserves track very true through hard corners and rough trail chunder with minimal deflection or uneasiness. Despite the obvious stiffness, I don’t notice any harshness or detrimental effects to overall ride quality. The build out of the box was also very high-quality; both wheels were true and evenly tensioned. I have not developed any run-out at the rim despite some pretty harsh riding and have not needed to touch a spoke wrench so far. My one quibble on these wheels would be that the stock valve stem seems to be more prone to clogging with sealant than a typical valve stem like a Stan’s, DT Swiss, WTB, Etc. That having been said, valves are cheap and easy to replace if necessary, and more attention to valve position while putting my bike away for storage might have prevented the problem in the first place.

So far I am a huge fan of these wheels! While not as super-light as some competitors in the carbon wheel game, the performance, build quality, and durability, combined with the very reasonable pricing and KILLER warranty made these Reserve wheels a great choice for me and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to all but the most gram-conscious riders.

Spoke Pull Test