Winter Brakes and Tune Special

Two free brake bleeds with GBS Tune through 2/28/18

Purchse the GBS Basic Tune - $130
  • Complete and thorough washing of bicycle
  • Complete wear/damage inspection
  • Wheels trued and tensioned
  • Drivetrain degreased
  • Lubrication of all drivetrain and brake systems
  • Adjust brakes
  • Adjust dérailleurs / Align derailleur hanger
  • Braking surface cleaned, disc or rim
  • Brake pads resurfaced
  • All bearing systems inspected/adjusted
  • Lube chain, cables, and brake and derailleur pivots
  • Complete safety examination
  • Professional re-assembly, tuning, test-riding and peer review

And Get Two FREE Brake Bleeds - $50 Value
  • Pads removed, cleaned and inspected
  • Brake piston position reset
  • Calipers, pistons and seals cleaned
  • Old fluid removed
  • New fluid injected into system
  • Levers reset, inspected and adjusted
  • System checked for proper function
  • Bolt torque checked

Combine with our Suspension Service Special for a full bike overhaul