Demo Bikes for Sale

Get a screaming deal on one of our awesome demo bikes!

We do our best to keep our demo fleet fresh, with the latest offerings from our brands. In order to do so, we typically sell our bikes at the end of their season - it's a great way to get a screaming deal on a great bike.

Prior to the sale, our mechanics go through the bikes, tip to tail, top to bottom, fully detail every nook and cranny of the bike, and while they're at it, replacing any worn and consumable items as needed, fresh cabling, rebuild suspension and bleed the brakes. All of this to ensure that your new-to-you bike is as new as it can possibly be. Factor in a full factory warranty, and the same guarantee from our service department that comes with every new bike, and you'll be fully satisfied with your new bike.

Bikes are available for in-store pickup only.