Demo Bikes for Sale

Get a screaming deal on one of our awesome demo bikes!

We do our best to keep our demo fleet fresh, with the latest offerings from our brands. In order to do so, we sell off our used demos as new models become available - it's a great way to get a screaming deal on a great bike.

Prior to the sale, our mechanics go through the bikes, tip to tail, top to bottom, fully inspecting the bike and making sure they're in solid working order and the best aesthetic condition possible. We'll also replace any worn-out consumables like pads, chains, tires, and cables at no additional cost to you. All of this ensures that your new-to-you bike is in as close to new condition as possible. Our demos retain their factory warranties, and the same guarantee from our service department that comes with every new bike. These are some of the nicest used bikes you'll ever see!

Give us a call at 303-278-6545 or stop by the shop for more info!

BrandModelSizeBuildWheelsMSRPClearance Price
MondrakerFoxy 27.5LGC RR SLStandard$9100$4499.66
MondrakerFoxy 29MDC XRStandard$9400$6799.88
MondrakerFoxy 29MDC RRStandard$7200$4999.66
MondrakerFoxy 29LGC RRStandard$7200$4999.66
PivotFirebird 29MDX01 X2 ReynoldsCarbon$8800$6599.66
PivotFirebird 29LGX01 X2 ReynoldsCarbon$8800$6599.66
PivotFirebird 29XLX01 X2 ReynoldsCarbon$8800$6599.66
PivotSwitchbladeSM29 X01Standard$7500$4899.66
PivotSwitchbladeXL29 X01Standard$7500$4899.66
Santa Cruz5010LGCC X01 ReserveCarbon$8000$5199.88
Santa CruzHightower 2019XXLCC X01 ReserveCarbon$8000$5199.66
Santa CruzBronsonMDCC X01 ReserveCarbon$8200$5199.88
Santa CruzBronsonLGCC X01 ReserveCarbon$8200$5199.88
YetiSB100MDT X01 RaceStandard$7999$6199.88
YetiSB100XLT X01 Non-RaceStandard$7000$4899.66
YetiSB130SMT X01 Non-RaceStandard$7200$5199.88
YetiSB130XLT X01 Non-Race Standard$7200$5199.88
YetiSB5LGT X01 Non-RaceStandard$7000$4299.66

Bikes are available for in-store pickup only.