Dynaplug Plug Kits

Photos & Words By: Chris Gaeta


Dynaplug started their mission in 1991 as a DIY solution to plugging vehicle tires in an attempt to fix the #1 cause of breakdowns. Fast-forward 29 years, and you see a company that has made a name for itself in the mountain bike world and a must have in every flat repair kit. To this day, I don't know a single tire plug that offers this level of ease to fixing a punture on the side of the trail. Two kits worth noting are the Racer & Micro Pill. We'll go over how each kit differs and how this product can save you money each year.

The Racer

The Racer is a low profile, lightweight, ready-to-go kit offering riders two different plugs for battling varying puncture sizes. Under one cap you'll find their standard plug and the other their Megaplug - an oversized rubber plug for bigger punctures that typically require two standard plugs. This kit is probably their "fastest" one to use. Once you find the puncture, you just have to take the cap off and punch it through the hole. With its thin design, it should easily fit in your back country strap without taking up much room.

The Micro Pill

The Micro Pill is designed to give you more tools to aid you in your plug repair. Equipped with an air stopper to stop the air from leaving the tire while you get the kit ready to use - a micro knife to cut off any excess rubber after the plug in inserted - and a second insertion tube that comes preloaded to quickly reload the plug. This is the kit I've been using for years now, and in my experience, I've found that the air stopper serves dualing roles. In the event that you get a puncture that is too small for the sealant to clog (usually when your sealant is running low) the air stopper can be used to widen that hole a smidge so that you can fit the standard plug size. The tool has a tapered tip that makes it easy to precisely widen the hole without accidentally making it too big. Besides the added tools, the Micro Pill differs from the Racer in that it doesn't provide you with the Megaplug. However, I've had plenty of luck fitting two of the standard plugs into one hole when needed.
Micro Pill Contents
  • Dynaplug tool
  • Tire repair plugs
  • Insertion tubes
  • Micro knife
  • Air stopper
  • Pipe cleaner

Final Take

I said it before and I'll say it again, the Dynaplug Repair Kit is something that EVERY rider with a tubeless setup should have in their flat repair kit. It will most defintely save you money in the longrun. While tires run you $50-$90 these kits come between $40-$55 and the replacement plugs only running $10-$20. On top of that, once you successfully plug your tire, you don't have to change it after you finish your ride or really address the issue at all. As long as it's holding air, you run that plug in there for the life of the tire.