The Great Bonk

Sunday September 29, 2019

Join GBS and Rocky Mountain Racing on Sunday September 29 for the Great Bonk and Baby Bonk rides. This is a self paced mountain bike ride that starts at Golden Bike Shop in Golden, climbs through White Ranch Park, and continues in a loop around Golden Gate State Park then back to GBS! The full Bonk is approximately 45 miles and takes 4-7 hours depending on your fitness level. The Baby Bonk is around 20 miles and generally takes 2-4 hours.
Free BBQ at GBS following the ride! How’s that for motivation?

Download GPX File


7:15ish - Coffee and donuts
7:55 am - gather for announcements
8:00 am - The Great Bonk rolls
8:30 am - The Baby Bonk rolls
12:00 pm - Crew sets up tents/food/etc.
1:00 pm - Grilling begins

New to mapping on your bike GPS or frustrated with the clunky interface? Wahoo! ELEMNT and Bolt computers make it easy. Really easy. Get yours at GBS before the ride.