PUSH Industries Shock Demos

Test ride a Push Industries shock and take your ride to the next level

PUSH Elevensix demo shocks are now available for in-store purchase! SALE $599 - MSRP $1,199

How does it work?

Take a hand-built PUSH Industries ElevenSix shock specific for your bike: 1-5 days ($50) or 6-10 days ($100). Maximum demo period is 10 days. The cost of the demo is applicable towards the purchase of a new PUSH shock if purchased within the 6 weeks of the demo. PUSH Elevensix demos are offered as in store pick-up only.

Who is it for?

  • Riders looking to take their shock performance and riding to the next level.
  • Riders that want to spend less time turning knobs and more time riding--bike specific shocks tunes.
  • Customers that want to give their bike new life and try a local suspension product.
  • Anyone who is done reading techy reviews, and just wants to decide for themselves.

What is available to demo?

  • Push ElevenSix for Yeti sb130
  • Push ElevenSix for Yeti sb140
  • Push ElevenSix for Yeti sb150
  • Push ElevenSix for Santa Cruz Megatower
  • Push ElevenSix for Pivot Firebird 29
  • Coil Springs with varied spring rates to match rider weight and style

How do I get started?

  • Call, email or stop by the shop and talk to one of our staff. [303-278-6545]
  • We'll discuss options for spring rates, time frame, and get your reservation scheduled.
  • Sign our Waiver, submit photocopies of Credit card and ID in-store, and get the ElevenSix set up on the bike.

Best practices

  • Plan at least 7-10 days ahead for all demo reservations. Especially in the busy summer months.
  • Weigh yourself with all your standard riding gear on - this will help with suspension setup.
  • Know that Push ElevenSix shocks purchased within six weeks of purchasing the demo will be discounted by the cost of the demo.

PUSH Industries, Inc. was formed in Irvine, California in an 800 sq. ft. warehouse. The company was founded by Darren Murphy, a long time cycling/motorcycle enthusiast and suspension geek, as a way to combine his two passions. The goal? To provide industry leading customer service and provide consumers with the same level of product that is available to world class racers. Using National and World Champion Eric Carter and riders from the Turner Honda Racing Team, PUSH quickly established itself as the premiere suspension tuner for North America.

In May 2008, PUSH Industries expanded again into a 7,300 sq. ft. state-of-the-art purpose-built facility in Loveland, Colorado. This new facility again continues to provide the ability for PUSH to better serve it's customers in a more timely and efficient manner.

In May 2005 PUSH moved to Northern Colorado for expansion and a more centralized location for customers. Quickly settling into the wealth of trails and quality of life, PUSH moved into a 1260 sq. ft. warehouse allowing for the addition of new prototyping and test equipment. In 2006, PUSH supplied SantaCruz Syndicate race team riders Steve Peat and Nathan Rennie with custom tuned FOX coil and air shocks. The year 2006 also found PUSH expanding into CNC manufacturing. Starting in late 2006, 100% of all machined parts have been designed, engineered, and manufactured in house.