Bike Fleet

Ride before you buy!!! Call for availability.

Bike rentals are for anyone who wants to take a bike out for 24 hours to ride some local trails.
Our demo program is intended for customers who want to ride 4 different bikes before making a purchase.

Call to Reserve One of Our Kickass Demo Bikes


GBS Demo Fleet

BrandModelXSSMMDLGXLXXLDaily RateMaterialWheel SizeCategory
YetiSB5soonsoonsoon$100Carbon27.5Mid Travel
YetiSB5 BetiXX$100Carbon27.5Mid Travel
YetiSB5+XX$100Carbon27.5+Mid Travel
YetiSB5.5XXX$100Carbon29Mid Travel
YetiSB4.5XXXX$100Carbon29Short Travel
Santa CruzJuliana FurtadoXX$100Carbon27.5Short Travel
Santa CruzNomadXXX$100Carbon27.5Long Travel
Santa CruzTallboy 3XXXXX$100Carbon29Short Travel
Santa CruzHightowerXXXXX$100Carbon27.5+Mid Travel
Santa CruzHightower LTXX$100Carbon29Long Travel
Santa CruzJuliana RoubionX$100Carbon27.5Long Travel
PivotMach 5.5XXXX$100Carbon27.5Long Travel
PivotFirebirdXXXX$100Carbon27.5Long Travel
Pivot429 TrailXXXX$100Carbon29Short Travel
PivotSwitchbladeXXsoon$100Carbon29Mid Travel
PivotMach 4soonXX$100Carbon27.5Short Travel
Spot BrandRollikX$100Carbon27.5Mid Travel
Spot BrandMayhemXXXX$100Carbon29Short Travel
SurlyKarate MonkeyXX$60Steel27.5+Hardtail