Demo Program

Test ride 4 bikes to decide what to buy

How does it work?

Ride 4 bikes for 1 day each (24 hours) for $225. We allow up to 6 weeks to complete our demo program, and the cost of the demos is applicable towards the purchase of a new bike if purchased within the 6 weeks. Demos are not transferable and may only be used by you.

Who is it for?

  • Folks who are genuinely interested in purchasing a new bike within the next several months.
  • Anyone who is done reading techy bicycle media reviews, and just wants to decide for themselves.
  • Local customers with whom we can enjoy establishing a solid relationship

What is available to demo?

  • A wide range of fantastic off-road bicycles from incredible brands like Yeti, Santa Cruz, Mondraker, Pivot and Juliana
  • Sizes in most models ranging from XS through XXL.
  • Full-suspension only bikes.
  • Bikes made from carbon fiber
  • Demo bikes MSRP priced from $6,799 to $9,999

Where can I ride?

  • 24-hour demo periods allow you to take the bike just about wherever you wanna ride.
  • Riders with tight schedules have access to several world-class trail systems within 5-10 minutes' drive from the shop.
  • The Chimney Gulch trail starts 8 blocks from the shop, and North Table is 1.5 miles away and can be accessed mostly on paved bike paths.
  • Bike parks days happen, but please be advised of our damage policy (see below) before sending that nasty kicker.

When are demo bikes available to pick up and return?

  • Demos can be picked up and returned during our seasonal business hours, which never include Saturdays.
  • Demos must be returned within 24 hours of the time they were picked up. There will likely be someone scheduled right after you.
  • Bikes picked up on Friday afternoon must be returned by Noon on the following Sunday.

Why should I use the GBS demo program?

  • Modern mountain bikes are designed to perform optimally in demanding off-road conditions. Parking lot test rides won't cut it.
  • Substantial variation among frame geometry significantly affect your levels comfort and control.
  • To compare frame geometries and suspension platforms in real-world conditions.
  • Suspension technology can be really confusing. You should just ride it.
  • Just because you like the way it looks, doesn't mean it's the best bike for you. Sorry.
  • GBS staff really, honestly want you to be 100% sure about the bike you are buying.
  • Worst case scenario, you'll have a lot of fun riding some bikes around.

How do I get started

  • Call, email or stop by the shop and talk to one of our staff. We can decide together if this is the right thing for you. [303-278-6545]
  • We'll discuss options for bikes to ride, and places to ride them, and we'll come up with a plan.
  • Sign our Waiver, submit photocopies of Credit card and ID in-store, and get set up on the bike.
  • Pay $225 to secure your four-bike demo program, and plan to take each bike for 24 hours.

Best practices

  • Plan at least 7-10 days ahead for all demo reservations. Especially in the busy summer months.
  • Weigh yourself with all your standard riding gear on (if that's not too weird) - this will help with suspension setup.
  • Measure your seat height and memorize this number. This can speed up, and create consistency in the bike set-up process.
  • Know what kind of pedals you prefer, and we'll likely have a pair for demo so you can leave yours at home.
  • Never ride soft, muddy, or wet trails. We take this quite seriously.
  • Have a plan for safe transportation and storage of demo bikes while they are in your possession.
  • Bring your own helmet - just because it probably fits you nice. We have helmets though. Don't stress.
  • Understand that we must limit demo program duration to six weeks in order to be effective
  • Know that bikes purchased within six weeks of purchasing the demo program will be discounted by the cost of the demo program.

Bike damage policy

We do our best to provide top-notch demo bikes for all demo and rental customers. Part of maintaining our ability to provide this service is making sure that any damage to our bikes is repaired as quickly as possible. This ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for all demo users. Please review the following guidelines regarding our demo fleet and how we deal with damaged bikes.

  • Riders will be given the opportunity to assess the condition of the bike before they ride it, and relay any concerns before the bike goes out.
  • All bikes will be inspected for crash damage after each demo outing. Plan to allow at least 10 minutes for this inspection when you drop the bike off.
  • You will be asked about any crashes that have occurred. Please be honest, as any damage can pose a huge safety concern for subsequent riders.
  • All components which are damaged and require replacement will be charged at the expense of the rider who purchased the rental or demo program.
  • All replacement parts will be charged at our cost. (Meaning we don't make any money from these situations).
  • Our aim is to be as fair and reasonable as possible, without financially compromising our ability to continue providing the demo and rental service.
  • Detailed notes will be kept on each demo bike, its condition, and any prior damage or repairs it has undergone.
  • Any damage sustained during rentals or demo rides will be evaluated by our service department immediately when the bike is returned. The demo user may not leave until damage is thoroughly assessed and paid for.
  • We sincerely appreciate your understanding of these policies.
  • Ride hard - be safe - have fun!