Yeti SB150


The SB150 defies all categories. It doesn’t fit neatly into any neat little box. It borrows from a successful lineage of past Yeti bikes while injecting a heaping dose of bold new technology innovation. At sub-30-pounds in Turq series builds and rated for the most extreme Downhill and Enduro punishment, this is a bike that is almost unbelievable - until you ride it. The 170mm front, and 150mm rear travel are perfectly matched, the progressive geometry and impeccably refined suspension leverages allow this big 29’r to climb fearlessly. The stable, 64.5° head angle is offset by a nimble 433mm chainstay, while the 77°seat tube angle puts you bang in the middle of the generous wheelbase. You’ll be positioned to sit and spin up the gnarliest pitches, chunder and babyheads be damned. On the way down, you’ll be unstoppable - except by the immediate power of the Code RSC four-piston brakes and tenacious traction of the Maxxis EXO tires. If you want a bike to absolutely and unapologetically dominate the terrain - the SB150 is it.


  • 150mm (5.9") Switch Infinity™ suspension perfection
  • Fox Float X2 Rear Shock with burly collet-axle mounting*
  • 148mm Rear Axle Spacing in the fully-unified rear triangle
  • Fox 36 170mm 15mm x 110mm thru-axle fork
  • 30mm wide rims on all builds - with 2.5” front and 2.3” rear tires
  • 29" wheels - (fits up to 2.4” tires)
  • 64.5° HTA - 433mm chainstay - 77° Seat tube angle
  • Carbon and Turq Series frame options use Mid and High modulus fiber respectively
  • Internal carbon tubes ensure hassle-free routing of derailleur and seat post cables
  • ISCG-05 tabs for chainguide compatibility
  • Sizes: SM, M, L, XL - Fits riders 5’3” - 6’6”
  • Press-fit SRAM DUB Bottom Bracket
  • Space for a water bottle inside the front triangle
  • Extremely short 31.6mm seat tube - accepts longer dropper post
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY on all 2019 and newer Yeti frames
*Turq series frame only

Pictured with Turq Series Frame and XX1 Kit

Demo the SB 150

Demo bikes will be available from Golden Bike Shop, in sizes MD-XL early-mid September

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Rider Feedback

Nick P. | Age: 33 | Years Riding: 15 | Currently owns: 2017 Santa Cruz Bronson

Like anyone else who geeks out on mountain bikes, I was intrigued to find out that Yeti was releasing a totally new model. At first glance, there were some things I liked - and some things I was suspicious of. I liked the evolved aesthetic, with the low and linear design. I liked the ability to carry a bottle inside the frame. I liked the shorter seat tube, as I’d always struggled to fit the length of dropper I wanted on previous models. I liked the short headtube, as I’d always struggled to get the bars low enough on longer travel bikes. I liked the cable routing. Heck, I even liked the hi-vis orange color.

However, when I looked at the numbers - I was like “here we go (eyes roll) another big, squishy, clumsy enduro sled.. I bet this thing only works when you are going 50mph down a volcano or something..” Basically, I judged the bike based on the numbers, things I had experienced in the past. Turns out - this bike is like nothing I have ever experienced…

I ran into zero issues getting the riding position and suspension setup dialed - right out of the box. I had room to spare with the 150mm dropper post set to correct height, even with my freakishly short legs. The cockpit felt just right - not too long, not too short. The 77 degree seat tube angle (which had me worried) presented nothing less than perfect body positioning and control over the bike, without knee pressure or extra quad fatigue. The ultra-plush float X2 rear shock didn’t bob or wallow under pedalling - in fact, it was amazingly supportive, and I scarcely felt the need to engage the climb switch.

The steering was incredibly dialed going up Belcher Hill, and the front wheel never wandered. Traction and bump compliance were ample, and didn’t leave me wanting more. Basically, I was blown away. Everything I thought I knew? Wrong. This bike is every bit as versatile as the SB5.5, and much, much more capable. I’d have never imagined a 29’r with a 170mm fork could be this well-behaved on a steep climb. After the extended-climbing-test was passed with flying colors, I finally got a chance to turn this beast downhill..

As you could probably imagine - it’s incredible. When the big wheels got going, there was little if anything that would slow them down. This part was not surprising. What was surprising, was the fact that this bike could carve the tight switchbacks and change direction at the slightest effort. Stability and agility are so amazingly matched, regardless of speed.. Technical and scary trail features felt like no big deal. I felt perfectly in control. It was amazing! I am fortunate to ride a lot of really cool bikes, but I have not been this impressed, or pleasantly surprised in a long time…

Yeti has set the bar so incredibly high with this bike, and they are going to push the whole industry to a higher level because of it. Seriously. If I had to offer one piece of buying advice, it would be to spring the extra bucks for the Turq series Race kit.. If you want a bike that is ninja-silent while you slay the gnar, then you’ll appreciate the Code RSC brakes. I find that the 4-piston XT brake pads have an unfortunate tendency to rattle loudly inside the caliper in rough terrain - which is what you’ll be riding on this bike. Maybe a preference thing, but it’s my two cents.. Otherwise, you can’t go wrong. Kits and specs are dialed for 2019, and I’m psyched to see this progression.