Reliable, affordable, and adventurous, Salsa bikes can take you anywhere, on any surface.

When your brand's motto is Adventure by Bike, who can't help but get excited? Salsa Cycles continues to up their game year-by-year with smash hits across the board. Each and every bike in their lineup is bred for getting out, finding some new ways to have fun, and maybe getting a little lost. No matter your taste in bikes, Salsa has something for you.

Salsa Cycles is also the most well-rounded fatbike manufacturer in the market to date. They've been in the game for long before many of the companies that are tossing their hat into the ring lately. Their bikes are time tested and proven in the field to hold up, and own all types of terrain, with geometry to match. Their freshly redesigned Mukluk, available in carbon or alloy, clears up to a 5" tire, and comes with tubeless-ready wheels on all models. From bikepacking, to snowbashing with buddies, the Mukluk will tackle any terrain, any time of year. The redesign even includes additional mounting points for integrated hard-mounted bike packing bags.

The Timberjack is a new offering from Salsa, and our most budget-friendly bike in the GBS selections. Starting at $999, the Timberjack offers similar trail-oriented geometry to our absolute favorite hardtail, the Spot Rocker, but at entry-level pricing with exceptional performance! Whether set up as 29" or 27.5+, the Timberjack is ready to go exploring your local trails, or deep into the backcountry. Sporting exceptional space within the front triangle, the Timberjack is an excellent candidate for a bikepacking rig as well, strap bags all over it and say goodbye to society for as long as you please, Salsa's got your back with the right equipment for the job.