Sasha Nations


As a Colorado native Sasha grew up doing what people do in Colorado--play outside in the mountains. In the summers she would climb and ride bikes with family and friends, during the winters she would snowboard. She developed a love for going downhill fast and spending time in the air. Her thrill seeking personality led her compete in snowboarding and race motocross in her late teens. Eventually Sasha picked up bikes again and began racing downhill in the summers while living in Summit County. Sasha’s love for sports is noticed by the way she talks about her passions. She is a coach for snowboarding and also coaches biking because she believes that everyone should have an opportunity for fun! You can find Sasha singing down the trails and enjoying her time airborne. Check out her Instagram here.

Sasha currently rides and races the Juliana Roubion with Reserve carbon wheels, a bike designed for rowdy trail rides and big (s)miles. Find Sasha when you want to ride bikes or need a high-five!