Matt Hammett

Service Manager

Matt has spent the majority of his life around bike shops and the cycling community. His passion for riding bikes runs deep. He grew up in beautiful Bakersfield, CA, where he was regularly on the back of a road tandem captained by his dad. After a short stint riding brakeless fixed gear bikes in the San Francisco Bay area Matt got into bike touring and riding mountain bikes. These days you can find him riding in the Colorado high country, typically with bikepacking bags all over his steed, and sleeping under the stars. Matt also exclusively rides a bike for transportation and has been car free for about 7 years. Outside of riding bikes, he spends as much time as he can splitboarding and climbing rocks. Check out his Instagram here.

Matt currently rides a Santa Cruz Hightower. The durability and versatility of the bike make it an easy choice for a Colorado one bike quiver.