Jay Trautman


Jay has been riding and wrenching on two wheels for more than 10 years at shops across the country from East Coast to West Coast. He's also a former professional slope-style rider and international style icon, but these days he just rides to have fun--and to impress the ladies. Jay loves any trail with massive booters. Whether it's Whistler, Area 51, or a sketchy plywood ramp in somebody's backyard, Jay will send it higher and harder than just about anyone! Jay is proud to call Colorado home and glad to be working with all the rad humans at GBS. Jay's favorite task behind the bench is building wheels, so come see him if you've been dreaming about that sweet custom setup! Check out his Instagram here.

Jay currently rides a Firebird 29 and a Transition PBJ. The efficiency and capability of the Firebird 29 make it an easy choice for our local Colorado terrain while the PBJ sends Jay to the moon at the dirt jumps. Brap braaaap!