Clay Donovan

Operations Manager

If there were a Wikipedia page for "bike nerd," Clay's picture would be right at the top. His mind is filled to the brim with esoteric facts and tech info on all manner of bikes, components, and technologies. Wanna talk about the merits of DW Link vs VPP vs Horst Link? He's your guy. Do modern headset standards have you pulling your hair out? Clay can help. Got an old steel road frame with an oddball dropout width and a French bottom bracket shell? He's seen that before too. If you call or email the shop, there's a very high chance you're going to end up talking to Clay, so bring on those tough questions! He's always happy to help out--no matter how big or small your issue may be. When he's not answering your questions, you can find Clay out on the trail, at the rock climbing gym, or geeking-out over more traditional nerd things. Clay currently rides a Mondraker Foxy and a Pivot Trail 429 when he wants to have fun and a handmade steel road bike that he built up from a pile of tubes when he wants to suffer. His absolute favorite Front Range ride is up at Three Sisters Park in Evergreen.