Chris Gaeta

Sales / Marketing

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Chris's mountain bike roots started in Bentonville, AR - home of the Oz Trails. As a new rider a trip to Moab resulted in a broken elbow and surgery. This unfortunate injury was the turning point that got Chris interested in the mountain bike industry. While broken and unable to ride he picked up a camera and started shooting. In 2017 Chris moved to Golden and really got his foot in the door with action photography. You can find him at the bike parks riding or trail side taking photos. Look out for him at the BME next season as he will be one of the great professional photographers capturing the race as he sees it. Check out his photagraphy here.

Chris currently rides a Santa Cruz Megatower because of its forgiving and capable feeling at the bike park. With single track in mind, he prefers the Santa Cruz Tallboy or the Pivot Mach 5.5.

Check out Chris's latest POV ride in Northwest Arkansas