Yeti Cycles

ARC carbon | ASR carbon | SB5c | SB6c

What bike brand has more Colorado heritage than Yeti Cycles? Based right down the street from us in Golden, Yeti has been at it making some of the most memorable full suspension and hardtail mountain bikes over the last several decades. They've got riders on every world circuit, in all disciplines, and can be found out on the trails in and around Golden on a daily basis.

We're pumped to bring you their ARC Carbon hardtail, ASR Carbon XC race bike, SB5 Carbon all-mountain and enduro bike, and SB6 Carbon enduroer bike. They've revamped their classic ARC and ASR to be lighter, stiffer, and even more fun than ever before. The ARC, now available in both 27.5" and 29" wheel options, smaller wheels for smaller riders who want the better rollover of a wheel larger than 26", but don't want to push around a 29" wheel. The new ASR Carbon, with 102mm rear wheel travel, and optimized carbon layup for a stiffer and lighter frame than ever before. In comes the SB5 and SB6, with 127mm and 152mm respectively, the new SB series implements a revolutionary new suspension platform by name of Switch Infinity, now even more reliable, and boosting the performance of the suspension even more than their previous Switch Link suspension.

Check out our demo and rental page to see what Yeti Cycles bikes we have available to go play with.

SB 5.5c 29"  |  140mm

SB 5.5c

29"  |  140mm

SB5c 27.5"  |  127mm


27.5"  |  127mm

ASRc 29"  |  Hardtail


29"  |  Hardtail

SB 4.5c 29"  |  114mm

SB 4.5c

29"  |  114mm

SB6c 27.5" | 152mm


27.5" | 152mm