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Rollik  |  Rocker

It may sound obvious, but we like bikes. We like Colorado, and we love supporting our neighbors. What better way to support your neighbors than riding a sweet steel or titanium hardtail from a local Golden bike brand like Spot? We can go out and ride our bike squishy full suspension aluminum and carbon fiber bikes, but at the end of the day, the true joy that comes from riding a silent belt-driven hardtail to the top of North Table just in time to catch the sunset and share a beer with your friends simply can't be beat.

While Spot offers a whole line-up of righteous steel and aluminum belt-driven commuter bikes, we're happy to bring you their more dirt-bound offerings. Bikes like their Cream Ti, the Honey Badger, and 'cross crushing Rallye have a particular sweet spot in our hearts. The performance and fun-factor that comes from the Cream and Honey Badger with their proprietary Animal Leg seatstays adding to the already supple feel of the titanium and steel frames, you've got the efficiency you know and love with a hardtail, and a little added smoothness for those long days in the saddle at Buffalo Creek.

Is 'cross more your beast? Check out their Rallye, built to be raced, commuted, or grind some gravel mile after unrelenting mile, Spot elected to use 7005 series aluminum because they know what condition 'crossers ride their bikes in, and chose to optimize this puppy for stiffness, responsiveness, and most of all - you'll never have to worry about your investment rusting from the inside-out.

Are you interested in taking a Spot Brand bike for a spin? Give us a shout and we'll do our best to get a hold of a demo for you.

Rollik 557 27.5" | 140mm

Rollik 557

27.5" | 140mm

Cream 29" | Ti Hardtail


29" | Ti Hardtail