Santa Cruz is just one of those heritage brands, they've been in the game for a solid 22 years, constantly improving and tweaking to further progress not only their brand, but the sport of cycling. They continue to be industry leaders with their designs, geometry, and outstanding carbon technology. They were one of the first to release a full-carbon downhill race bike, and to this day have one of the most well-rounded mountain bike lineups of any company. Their bikes are fun, fast, playful and will leave you with a muddy, gritty grin at the end of any descent - or ascent, if that's your thing.

We're happy to bring you Santa Cruz bikes in both 29" and 27.5" wheel options, varying from hardtail to big-hit bikes. If big wheels are your thing, Santa Cruz brings you the Hightower and Tallboy. The Hightower is the younger and faster brother to the infamous Tallboy LTc, sporting 135mm of rear wheel travel, it climbs like a goat, and descends with confidence through any terrain that lies ahead of you. The Tallboy 3 is the third rendition of their original Tallboy carbon, now sporting more modern geometry, and longer travel, it's more of a trail bike than ever before, but will still show up on race day and help you put down the watts.

They also bring a whole array of extremely versatile 27.5" full suspension bikes to the table, perfect for many applications - starting with the 5010, a 125mm travel all-mountain, trail, and even enduro rig, this bike is fast, light, a none-too-slack to help you conquer your favorite climb. Does the 125mm travel of the 5010 leave you wanting? Check out their Bronson, sitting at 150mm travel, the Bronson is slacker, longer, and faster than the 5010 when you point it downhill, albeit a little slower on the climbs - it's certainly no slouch in getting you to the top. 

Check out our demo and rental page to see what Santa Cruz bikes we have available to go play with.

Hightower 29"  |  27.5+  |  135mm


29"  |  27.5+  |  135mm

Tallboy 29"  |  110mm                                                                                             Open Full Product Specs Tab                                        


29"  |  110mm                                                                                             Open Full Product Specs Tab                                        

Nomad 27.5" | 165mm


27.5" | 165mm

5010 Carbon & Alloy 27.5"  |  130mm

5010 Carbon & Alloy

27.5"  |  130mm

Bronson 27.5"  |  150mm


27.5"  |  150mm

Stigmata 700c | All-terrain & Cross


700c | All-terrain & Cross