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When your brand's motto is Adventure by Bikewho can't help but get excited? Salsa Cycles continues to up their game year-by-year with smash hits across the board. Each and every bike in their lineup is bred for getting out, finding some new ways to have fun, and maybe getting a little lost. No matter your taste in bikes, Salsa has something for you.

Is your thing to get out on some skinny tires and log some miles on the road? Commuting? How about multi-week tours across the country? Salsa's got your back, with offerings like Warbird, Colossal, and Vaya, you've got options to find just the rig for your adventure. Do you want to mix in some more dirt, singletrack and rocky terrain? They have an industry-leading production Monstercross bikepacking bike, the Fargo (go far, get it?), with clearance for up to a 29" x 2.5" knobby, you'll be able to tackle any terrain and still have your beloved drop bars to keep your hands from getting too bored with just the same ol' hand positions.

Are you more of a mountain biker? They've got the El Mariachi steel and titanium hardtail, set it up geared, single speed, fully rigid or with some front squish, this is a no-fuss bike that'll leave you grinning at the end of your ride. Maybe you dig the full squish, in which case they've got the Spearfish and Horsethief, both 29" with 80mm and 120mm rear wheel travel respectively. The Spearfish is your XC race, 24-hour racer, everyday trail, or multi-day-or-week bikepacking rig; not too slack, not too steep, nor too long or short, the Spearfish is fun fully loaded with Salsa's custom frame bags, or unloaded riding your favorite trail. If 80mm of travel leaves you wanting, check out the Horsethief, with 120mm of bump-sucking Split Pivot squish, from every day trail riding, XC races with a smoother ride, or even enduro racing, this is a true do-it-all bike. Both of these are available in carbon or aluminum.

Salsa Cycles is also the most well-rounded fatbike manufacturer in the market to date. They've been in the game for long before many of the companies that are tossing their hat into the ring lately. Their bikes are time tested and proven in the field to hold up, and own all types of terrain, with geometry to match. With bikes like the Beargrease, Mukluk, Bucksaw, and Blackborrow rounding out their fleet of fatties nicely. The Beargrease, available both in carbon and aluminum, is a light-weight everyday fatty, built for trail riding and racing, compatible with up to 4" tires. The Mukluk, available in aluminum and ti, is geared more toward the 4" tire bikepacking and adventuring on packed snow, now with completes offered with both rigid and suspension forks, the Mukluk is the go-to bike for any who want to enter the fatbike world with the option for bikepacking and racing. Then there's the Bucksaw, one of few full suspension fatbikes out there, this bad boy is currently only available in aluminum, with carbon coming down the pipeline shortly, you've got 100mm of DW Split Pivot squish out back, and 100-120mm of front wheel travel, courtesy of the RockShox Bluto. And last, but certainly not least (especially when you look at those massive tires!), is the Blackborrow, Salsa's first fatty with a 5" tire; built for deeper, softer snow and ready to tackle any adventure your heart desires.

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Horsethief 29" | 120mm


29" | 120mm

Mukluk 26x4 | Every Day Fat


26x4 | Every Day Fat