Pivot's Mach 4 Carbon - electrified

Ever since we first took a spin on a bike equipped with Shimano's new XTR M9050 Di2, set up with a 2x11 drivetrain and one shifter--yes, that's right, with Di2 mountain drivetrains, you can operate your entire 2x11 or 3x11 drivetrain with a single shifter--we've wanted to spread the love. It's phenomenal, the superb accuracy and fluid shift performance of Shimano XTR is not only improved, but you no longer need to concern yourself with how many shifts you need to make on the cassette to compensate for the difference in chainrings--it's all taken care of for you in the shift map programming.

Available to rent or demo in sizes extra-small, small, and medium, and we're working on getting a large Mach 429sl built up for those of us who wish to try this sweetness out without feeling like we're riding a BMX bike. You know you're Di-curious...

Can you say #weakforshiny?


We wanted to spread the Di2 love

So we started to brainstorm; what bike did we want to add to the demo fleet, that was seamlessly Di2 compatible, and would really just be fun to ride.

We made some calls, and days later a pallet from Pivot arrived at our doorstep, followed by a few rather large Shimano boxes, and some sweetness from Industry Nine.


What shiny parts did we hang on these bad boys (or girls) to make 'em go-fast machines?


  • Frame: Pivot Mach 4 Carbon - XS, S, MD
  • Fork: Fox 34 Float Kashima 120mm
  • Shock: Fox Float DPS Kashima


  • Cranks: Shimano XTR M9000, 26/36
  • Front Derailleur: Shimano XTR M9050
  • Rear Derailleur: Shimano XTR M9050
  • Shifter: Shimano XTR M9050, Synchro Shift
  • Cassette: Shimano XTR M9000 11-40
  • Chain: Shimano XTR M9000


  • Headset: Pivot Precision sealed bearing
  • Stem: Pivot Phoenix Team
  • Handlebar: Pivot Phoenix Carbon riser
  • Grips: Pivot Phoenix lock-on
  • Brakes: Shimano XTR Trail M9000
  • Rotors: Shimano XT IceTech
  • Seatpost: Thomson
  • Saddle: WTB Pivot Vigo Team


  • Industry Nine Trail S wheels
  • Gaining traction with Maxxis Ardent 2.25" and 2.4"


25 pounds. On the nose for the small.


Synchronized shifting

No.... it's not like synchronized swimming, nor is it going to do the opposite of what you ask of it (like make it suddenly harder, instead of easier). Synchro Shift allows you, or us, to map out precisely when your drivetrain will move itself into the small chainring from the big, as well as how many gears it needs to drop on the cassette to keep the ratios as smooth as possible as you begin to ascend steeper terrain; allowing the smoothest and most fluid shifting experience you've ever had.

One of the most exciting features of XTR Di2 would have to be the new Synchronized shifting system. If you like the idea of always being in the most mechanically efficient gear and only having one shifter to worry about with one button for up and one down, synchro shift is the way of the future.

Shimano XTR 9050 already combines the auto-trimming feature that has made the front shifting on their road groups so popular, gone are the days of chain rub on the front derailleur, but synchro shift takes it up a notch. Using a single shifter to shift up or down, the brain of the drivetrain automatically shifts both front and rear derailleurs to stay in the ideal gear. This opens up the possibility of a 2×11 or even 3×11 drivetrain all controlled with a single shifter. Shimano made a point with Dynasys in pointing out that a bigger gear is a more mechanically efficient gear which helps to prolong drivetrain life. Synchro shift automatically keeps you in the biggest gear while sequentially moving through the gearing.

If you think about it, on any given 2x or 3x drivetrain, you've got a good handful of duplicate gears. By programming the next numerically easier or higher gear ratio combination, and allowing you to always know the exact change that's coming when your front derailleur drops you into the granny ring, by simultaneously up-shifting in the back so there's no sudden, drastic change of resistance as you power up the climb.

All you have to know, is: do you want an easier, or harder gear, and which button you need to push. No more ever-so-slightly letting off the power during shifts, just keep hammering and click away.

Numbers. With two synchro shift modes, you can adapt for varying terrain.

Numbers. With two synchro shift modes, you can adapt for varying terrain.

From the racetrack to the trail

There has never been anything that has performed like the new Mach 4 Carbon. Now in its 4th generation, the Mach 4 Carbon rolls on 27.5” wheels, features 115mm of travel, and introduces the next generation of race/trail geometry—all paired with the lightest full-suspension frame we have ever made. Whether you are a pure XC racer looking for something nimble, with the acceleration of 26” wheels and the rolling speed of a 29er, or a trail rider that wants something fast and responsive yet stable, the Mach 4 Carbon has you covered.

The dw-link® suspension has been tuned to provide instant acceleration with hardtail efficiency, while delivering the incredible climbing traction that all our dw-link equipped bikes are famous for. The short chainstays, spacious top tubes, and the incredibly stiff carbon chassis all enable you to achieve your fastest time on the climbs. On the descents, the Mach 4 Carbon comes alive. With ultra-stable front end geometry, a low BB height, and 115mm of travel, you can tackle some of the roughest trails with ease; cornering like the bike is on rails and slicing through turns like a Ginsu knife! But we didn’t stop there.

The Mach 4 Carbon is the first Shimano Di2 compatible frame ever developed, featuring an internal battery mount in the down tube and all the required ports for clean internal routing. If you are not running Di2 and prefer a more conventional set up, the Mach 4 Carbon has the cleanest cable routing in the sport, with ports for full internal routing (including dropper post), full length housing and options for 1X, 2X and Shimano’s new M9000 Side Swing front derailleur.


  • 115mm dw-link® suspension with race and trail tuning
  • Full carbon frame featuring Pivot exclusive hollow box internal molding technology
  • 27.5" wheels
  • XS, S, M, & L sizing, with our X-small featuring the lowest stand-over clearance of any 27.5" suspension bike made
  • Full length internal cable routing, and Shimano Di2 compatible with Pivot’s exclusive cable port system
  • Dropper post compatible with internal routing
  • Enduro Max cartridge bearings
  • Custom tuned Fox Float CTD Kashima rear shock
  • Frame weight from 5.1lbs (2.3kg)
  • Complete bike weights from 22lbs (10kg)
  • 2 sets of bottle cage mounts
  • Rubberized leather downtube and swingarm protection

All-new Industry Nine trail-s wheels

From Pinkbike.com,

Building on the well-received lineup of Torch Mountain system complete wheelsets, the Torch Trail S utilizes proven Torch Mountain hub and rim technology configured for straight-pull steel spokes - allowing a wider range of riders to experience Industry Nine’s legendary wheelsets. Dressed in a classy black and silver colorway, the Trail S provides a classic aesthetic and an improvement in performance riders will appreciate immediately. 

The heart of the Trail S is an all-new hub design - Industry Nine’s first straight-pull steel spoke mountain bike hubset. Trail S wheelsets employ a 28 hole stacked hub flange maximizing the spoke bracing angle to increase lateral stiffness. Spokes are laced tangentially to the hub flange, which promotes long term durability, since opposing spoke forces cancel each other out, removing most of the spoke stress from the hub flanges. This also allows greater control over bearing press tolerances during the machining phase of hub production, since the hub shell is not under tension. 

Trail S wheels feature an all-new rim profile. Featuring design elements introduced with our premium aluminum spoked Torch Mountain System wheelsets, the new Trail S rim is the perfect balance of weight, width, and features. Making use of 6000 series Performance Alloy, the Trail S complements modern mountain bike tires with dimensions that provide excellent tire support and a competitive weight. Sporting a 24.5mm inner width, 28.5mm outer width, minimal bead hooks, and an optimized bead seat profile, the new Trail S rims offer exceptional tire performance with or without tubes.

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