As one of the younger bike manufactures in our lineup, Pivot Cycles took the industry by storm. Founded in 2007, Pivot bounded head-on into the bike world, teaming up with some of the most renowned folks around for suspension development, carbon layup, geometry and detailing, Pivot brings us a full fleet of DW-Link full suspension mountain bikes, with industry-leading Shimano Di2 integration on many of their newer bikes, what may be the strongest carbon mountain bikes we've seen yet, and the bump-absorbing, efficient pedaling of DW Link controlled by Fox suspension, these bikes are the go-to for a seasoned rider, or a rider looking to get a bike that will last a lifetime with unparalleled reliability.

For those who know Pivot's history, you'll know that until recently, they've only made bikes that... well, pivot (with pivots, of sorts). They recently launched themselves into the hardtail world with the Les (heh, get it? Pivotles ;) ), a svelte 27.5" or 29" carbon hardtail with optimized carbon layup for stiffness where it matters, and forgiveness where you need it most. Take this bike anywhere you want to go, and fast! Their revolutionary swinger dropout system retains all the strength and stiffness you can desire, and converts seamlessly to single speed if that's what you're into - no need for horizontal dropouts here.

Then, there's the Vault - full carbon cyclocross, gravel grinding, commuting, what-have-you do-anything rig with tire clearance for days. Tackle your local 'cross race circuit and demolish the competition, go for a trail ride on some singletrack, or just go to and from work with this bad boy.

Now, for the bikes that pivot - don't let the short travel of the Mach 4 and Mach 429sl fool you, these bikes are fast going up, down, and all around over any terrain. The Mach 4, sitting with 27.5" wheels and 115mm of travel is excellent if you prefer the quick acceleration and nimbleness of the smaller wheel, but don't want to lug a big enduro bike around (whilst yelling "enduro!" at all opportunities), playful, yet stable, the Mach 4 strikes the perfect balance. Are you a fan of 29ers? Check out the 429sl, revamped from the standard 429 carbon to shave over half a pound off the frame, and now with Di2 integration for the sexiest setup of your Shimano XTR Di2 drivetrain. Do you still want more squish to your rig? Go for a spin on the 429 Trail -- sporting 115mm of trail-optimized travel, slacker geometry, but still light weight and a wicked climber, the 429 Trail instils confidence on all trails you'll encounter. Interested in more still? Their award-winning Mach 6 Carbon or Switchblade Carbon may be your dream bike. With 155mm and 135mm of outstandingly predictable and gnar-absorbing travel, these two whips will tackle any trail. Any time. Anywhere. All you have to do is point it downhill and hang on for the ride.

Check out our demo and rental page to see what Pivot Cycles bikes we have available to go play with.

Switchblade 29" | 27.5+ | 135mm


29" | 27.5+ | 135mm

Mach 429 SL 29" | 100mm

Mach 429 SL

29" | 100mm

Mach 4 Carbon 27.5" | 115mm

Mach 4 Carbon

27.5" | 115mm

Mach 429TR 29" | 27.5+ | 115mm

Mach 429TR

29" | 27.5+ | 115mm

LES Carbon 29" | 27.5+ | 27.5" | Hardtail

LES Carbon

29" | 27.5+ | 27.5" | Hardtail

Mach 6 Carbon & Alloy 27.5" | 155mm

Mach 6 Carbon & Alloy

27.5" | 155mm

Vault 700c | All-terrain & Cross


700c | All-terrain & Cross

Firebird  |  27.5"  |  Enduro  |  170mm travel front and rear |  Demo sizes in  SM-XL                                                                             

Firebird  |  27.5"  |  Enduro  |  170mm travel front and rear |  Demo sizes in  SM-XL